Warm summer pudding in the winter

Sometimes all you need in the morning is something warm and sweet to kickstart your day.
Given this is a summer dish, and should be eaten cold, all it takes is a few minutes in the microwave to turn it into a wintery treat.
Coffee with XTC optional.
You can either make a huge fuck-off  pudding or make little delicate mini puddings like this one, which I personally prefer as there won’t be any arguing over who gets the biggest piece.
I’m rather traditional when it comes to British cuisine and rather lazy during cold winter days (preparation time is minimal) so I’m using good old Delia Smith’s recipe which I’ve tweaked a little.


225 g redcurrants;
110 g blackcurrants;
450 g raspberries;
juice of half a lemon;
150 g sugar;
7-8 slices  of white bread from a large loaf.

Basically you just wash all the fruit and throw it in a big pan with the sugar and lemon juice over a medium heat and let it cook for about 5-7 minutes. Don’t overcook the fruit as it will taste like supermarket jam and you don’t want that.
Line your moulds with enough cling film to be able to wrap these little babies tight once they’re done and then cut the bread into slices and press into the moulds. Pour the fruit over into the bread-lined moulds, but don’t overdo it and top it off with a nice clean circle of bread. Twist the excess cling film to wrap the puddings nice and tight and press firmly. Shove them into the fridge and leave overnight. The leftover fruit can be wizzed up and used to soak any pale looking bits when you turn them out.
Makes about 9 to 10 mini puddings.




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